Highway 62 (2020)
Join Grover Cleveland, Geronimo, and notorious McKinley assassin Leon Czolgosz in this Bob Dylan-inspired Motor Fantasy, full of references to the 716. Written and produced by Yellow Jack, August 2020. Starring Bryan Staddon as the Plague Doctor.
buffalo GALS (1844)
Recorded February 2020, filmed March 2020.
buffalo (Er-i-e canal) (ned harrigan, 1873)
Sportsmen's Americana Music Foundation president Bob McLennan introduces us at the Emerging Artists Showcase, and we play one of our favorite canal ditties.
A YELLOW JACK ORIGINAL - Many are the souls led to ruin by the promise of fame and fortune held out by Niagara Falls. A Yellow Jack original with a rotating set of verses, written by Bob Egolf and Dennis. 
Filmed at Canal Fest, Gateway Park, in beautiful downtown North Tonawanda, 2019. 
Video assistance from Darrell Porter.
Won't You Pray? (YELLOW JACK, 2018)
A YELLOW JACK ORIGINAL - Just one kind thing we'd ask of you. From a rehearsal that Andrew could not attend.
ZOLGOTZ (bascom lamar lunsford, 1949)
"Zolgotz" (more commonly known as "Leon Czolgosz") was the name of the anarchist who assassinated President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo1901. The song is one of the large family of "White House Blues" songs retelling the murder. Lunsford recorded his version in 1949; he says he heard it from Willard Randolph around 1923. Recorded live at Canal Fest 2019.
UP TO ME (bOB DYLAN, 1974)
Our slimmed-down interpretation of this jaw-dropping "throwaway" from Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks sessions. Recorded at rehearsal in September 2019. 
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