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Yellow Jack Gives "folk music" a reboot on debut album
BUFFALO, NY - “A Horse Apiece,” the debut album from Yellow Jack, includes updates of ancient favorites “Buffalo Gals” (1844) and “The Er-i-e Is Risin’” (1873). The “Buffalove” keeps flowing with three original songs based on Western New York history and folklore. “O Mighty Niagara” illustrates the danger of the Falls with three historical vignettes; “The Legend of Hannah Johnson” renews the memory of a Black fortune teller who settled in the erstwhile Township of Wheatfield; and the breezy motor fantasy “Highway 62”’ name-checks numerous Things Buffalonian from notorious McKinley assassin Leon Czolgosz to “No Goal.” 
A fourth original song, “Won’t You Pray?” (for This Poor Atheist), detours from local history to armchair theology, and features the inimitable barrelhouse piano of irreverent Clarence native John Valby. Soloists Alaina Reid (fiddle) and Andrew Gianni (mandolin) are spotlighted on two traditional medleys, and two additional traditional folk songs round out this album of…”lock and roll.” (Sorry.)
Yellow Jack's "A Horse Apiece" is available to stream or download from the band's website (, Apple Music, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms.

“A Horse Apiece” tracks 1-7 were recorded at Mark Custom Studios ( in Clarence, NY, and were engineered by Bishop. Tracks 8-10 were engineered by Andrew Gianni. Album art by Dennis Reed Jr. The album title is an expression meaning “six of one, half a dozen of the other,” said by Bishop during a recording session.

SONG list
1. Buffalo Gals - Traditional, Woody Guthrie
2. O, Mighty Niagara - Bob Egolf / Dennis Reed Jr.
3. Won’t You Pray? (feat. John Valby) - Dennis Reed Jr.
4. The Er-i-e Was Risin’ - Ned Harrigan
5. Whiskey Before Breakfast / Red-Haired Boy - Andy de Jarlis / Traditional
6. The Legend of Hannah Johnson - Dennis Reed Jr.
7. Wayfaring Stranger - Traditional
8. Highway 62 (demo)  - Dennis Reed Jr. / Keith Glass
9. Colored Aristocracy / Cherokee Shuffle (live) - Traditional
10. Lonesome Road Blues (live) - Traditional

Yellow Jack was formed in the spring of 2019. They play folk and Americana songs, songs related to Western New York and Erie Canal history, and original material. 
Dennis Reed Jr - Guitar, harmonica, vocals
Andrew Gianni - Mandolin, vocals
Keith Glass - Bass, vocals
Lainie Reid - Fiddle, tenor banjo, vocals
Warren Namingha - Percussion
Ryan Aitcheson - Washboard (guest performer)


L to R: Andrew Gianni, Warren Namingha, Keith Glass, Dennis Reed Jr., LaiNIE REID

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